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Les Expatriés

All about ready-to-wear brand Les Expatriés.

An Expat’ minded brand

A generation as a source of inspiration…

Les Expatriés is a ready to wear clothing line for men and women, that creates and manufactures a daily wardrobe, inspired by the trends, state of mind and lifestyle of a new generation – expatriates. For neo-adventurers, who dare other lives -here or elsewhere… This community is for bold, curious, insatiable and happy dreamers.

Unlike a classic clothing line, Les Expatriés’ clothes are inspired by looks, and are always versions of strong identities of expatriates who have marked the creators by their paths, projects, spirits or personalities. Their focus on style is thus dictated by the different steps of life of an expatriate who regularly confronts their roots, cultural references and habits to a new life in a new city.

Like the “Expat Generation”, the brand offers genuine pieces that shake up borders, customs and dress codes. With the desire to transmit beyond its collections a lifestyle, a state of mind and a philosophy of life specific to this generation: Expat ‘minded!


The creators

A complete and complementary duo…

The roots of this line lay in a duo of young women with complementary profiles and paths: Marie-Charlotte, the designer, and Pauline, the “business woman”. Childhood friends and both from Annecy in the French Alps, they have worked as stylist at Laurence Bras and as product manager at Guerlain before coming up with the idea of creating their own brand.

Both experienced Expats’- Seattle and New Delhi for Marie-Charlotte, – NYC, Beijing and Madrid for Pauline – it was by reflecting on these meaningful years that they shared common points: they were marked by the same experiences even though they had lived in different countries…and they were not the only ones! Expatriation then appeared to them as THE common denominator of excellence for an entire generation; a generation of positive and audacious neo-adventurers in search of challenges, discoveries, and authenticity.

Driven by their passion for fashion, the desire to take charge, and their experiences of expatriation, they decided to co-found Les Expatriés in January 2014. At the core of their beliefs was the willingness to create a brand at the image of their generation and to the effigy of their heroes – the expatriates.


An international manufacturing “Made In Quality”…

Manufacturing itself is meant to be Expat ‘minded with fabrics of diverse origins and partners of all nationalities. Thus, for the fabric sourcing, as well as the cutting and stitching, Les Expatriés opts for “made in quality” by relying on the know-how of different countries. And within those countries, the know-how of the workshops they’ve selected.

#sourcing: sourcing of fabrics and trims is at the heart of the brand’s DNA. It is centered on three main factors: quality, originality and provenance. They use Japanese denims, Brazilian poplins, English tapestries, Indian leathers, French drapes… Whether they are rigid or fluid, beautiful fabric weights with nice loose draping which avoid unpredictable transparencies, deformations or the premature aging of textures.

#manufacturing: concerning cutting and stitching, yet again, Les Expatriés rely on the know-how of different countries. The lined and sleeved pieces are manufactured in Poland. Denim and jerseys in Portugal. Leather in India…for each product’s typology, the best country they can find for each specific need of knowledge or machine settings.

H-AH17- 383

Limited editions

An exclusive design…

#limited series: in order to personalize each customer’s style and uniqueness all the collections are made in limited series. A response to the uniformity trend that spreads nowadays, that is erasing personal taste little by little, which is pretty sad.

#numbered pieces: in order to restore its value to each product and to emphasize the noble work of clothing manufacture, Les Expatriés offers numbered pieces of clothing. So you may remain unique within your crew.

Expat’ bar taks

An Expat’ minded signature…

All clothing of Les Expatriés is signed by “expat bar tack”. Originally, bar tacks were a couture technique to reinforce the weak areas of clothes, avoiding ripped fabrics, tensions and deformations of clothes. We wanted to sublime this embroidery detail, judged unnecessary and too expensive for the ready-to-wear market. We have also doubled it, as a graphic reminder of the two lines of our logo – in order to baptize and protect each of our creations.

AH17- 980


When you buy from Les Expatriés, you buy…

#a garment that’s made in an « Expat’minded » philosophy from its beginning, and until it reaches your closet.

#a timeless and trendless garment – designed to seduce and please you season after season.

#a garment, which from its composition to its manufacturing reflects the specific know-how of the countries and partners with which we work.

#a garment made of an eclectic selection of fabrics.

#a garment manufactured in qualified workshops that are regularly visited and which maintain work ethics that correspond to the company’s philosophy.

#a garment manufactured in limited series that guarantees your independence of style.

#a numbered, unique garment. Yours.

#a fairly-priced garment that is the reflection of the real cost of our quality fabric selection and limited-series manufacturing process.

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