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To the supermarket.
A fridge to fill…yet again. Yet again, our daily need.

Our daily need.
Just like the ice cream you have to have at 3am…

Julia tells herself every day she needs to come during off peak-times.
Like a daily resolution.
And everyday she’s in that endless line with the worst hunger.

When you’re out of…everything,
and you go to the store for a freshly squeezed orange juice,
your breakfast in bus.

To take pause on the endless choice layouts of products…
Reasonable and unreasonable ones, usual ones,, new ones, promoted ones…

Arthur does not hesitate.
He eats the same thing every day.
Pesto sauce and parmesan cheese on pasta. He wants to find himself an Italian girl.

To bump into each other. With joy. Alongside the veggies and fruits.
To avoid one another. Because we look like shit.
Because our cart is filled with guilty pleasures.
Eat your greens for Christ’s sake!

For Robin it’s monthly.
It overflows.
He likes to think that whatev’, he’s good.

To go pajama dipping. Star looks please!
With shades. Incognito.
Before the party, in hills and makeup. Undertaken velvet.

In skates. And shorts.

Like Annie, “chia seeds” kind of gal, and vegan since 12.
But very whipped cream in spray, straight in the mouth kind of gal…

One day she even took a shot on spot, hiding from the guard behind her cowboy scarf.

To eat in the aisles, and beep the empty packages.

To get inspiration from the trolley next to you for tonight’s dinner.

Laugh at the huge jock buying himself candy for snacks.

To be too small for the top shelf. To show your belly without any intentions for it.
To find a gentlemen.

To add things you don’t need in the waiting line.
Like this Big red gum.
The only thing you put straight in your pocket after.

To dream to drive this huge lino washer machine.

To be the last one, with neon lines that close on you,
Aisle after aisle.

Be back tomorrow!


Knits finally make an entrance this season. Perfect for the frozen food aisle.
We play it in bicolor, on one shoulder only. Like a deep dipping sauce experience.

With our “Dad” sweaters,
We allow ourselves a double taste option:
Like famous vanilla/pistacchio or salt/pepper couples.

We mix these knits with the grandpa’s cords, or to the kid’s one’s.
As you wish.

We pile up levels to make a dress, like the carts at the entrance.

We still make our denims inside out,
Like an urge to read its composition better.
We play them in curd, rust, forest and stone,
So we can be chameleons in the kaleidoscopes of packaging.

We “tux” ourselves up in out of date grandma’s prints… Tartan, Dogstooth, Scottish, Plaids.
In order to match their immortal carts.

In the “season-less aisle” you may find our standard products, Whether it is our white shirts or flannel goods that you’re looking for. By the way, big scoop: we changed our wool flannel recipe,
It is now machine washable!
What else…?!

For prints we have some for any tastes and diets: “Plains” for plains.
“Non-fat” for shrinking stripes.
“Spicy” for pesley shapes.

“Rustic” for Vichy.
… to choose is the hardest.

We still cook Japanese.
With kimono sleeves that falls right.

We off-road and “cart-race”,
With removable hoods, and pieces that switch from back to front.

We grocery shop in our “bag for a day”, just to save the planet. Products juggling between running shoes and sweats.
Or in our RE-FILL tote bag,
That can be used for products, or new adventures.

Choice is yours.

shirt Backstage Zero
shorts Trap Clan

jacket Hussard Sadness
shirt Victorian Vitrail Rust Denim
denim pants Sailor Black Denim