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Let’s fucking leave early from work, and walk back home…
It’s been a while I haven’t done that.
It’s tremendously cold but colors are still bright.
Much more than in the summer time actually,
Who would have thought?!
Already my breath is drawing cigarette puffs in the air. Even though i’m not smoking.
« Winter is coming » i guess.Temperature feels nice: Freezing outside but warm as a
hug inside this coat. It’s so good I finally nailed this file earlier.
Man, I’m so on top of this! 🙂 The best indeed.
A little thrill inside.
Like when I ditched school with Lily
and learned more outside than any books lecture.
The closer to home, the darker… It already looks like a coal mine down here. It goes
down pretty fast by this time of year.
Silhouette shadows are cut
by the light of cars passing by.
I wonder where they go…
Nice shop. I need those.
Let’s have a drink. No.
Let’s call them and have a boiling bowl
of that thai soup down 49th and Hudson. Yes.
It’s snowing now…

manteau Eggy Blanket

chemise Tiny Mini Dots

top Bi-goût Bouquet

chemise Backdoor White

chemise Dinner Indigo
jupe Spy Captain

teddy Magellan Lake
pantalon Mikado Grey

teddy Gulliver Grass

chemise Bro Trident

pull Puzzle Lake

chemise Truck Lumber
pantalon Mikado Grey
snood Ribbon Oxford

pull Origami Moumoute
pantalon Sagan Stone

ceinture Lock

teddy Magellan Lake
chemise Tiny Tree
pantalon Mikado Grey

pull Puzzle Wallpaper
pantalon Mikado Navy

robe chemise Sis Trident

manteau Wall Street Salt & Pepper
pantalon Mikado Stone
snood Ribbon Chess
ceinture Lock Black

veste Duel Mouse
chemise Morning Step White
short Mikado Grey

veston Hussard Coal
short Mik Grey