RRQ Hoshi All-New Squad: Unveiling MPL ID Season 13 Lineup!

RRQ Hoshi All-New Squad: Unveiling MPL ID Season 13 Lineup!

Howdy, players that are passionate about Mobile Legends! Gather ’round as we delve into the amazing lineup that RRQ Hoshi has assembled for the thirteenth season of the MPL ID. The complexities of the changes are going to be dissected, you will be introduced to the newcomers, and we will spotlight the veterans who are getting ready to dominate the battlefield.

RRQ Hoshi Glorious Comeback

What about this? RRQ Hoshi is back in the game this time! [RQ] People who like Hoshi are very happy that he has decided to bring back the Hoshi name. Once more, they have fully adopted the lively Hoshi spirit and have waved goodbye to the simple “RRQ.”

Farewells and New Beginnings

Every team goes through changes, and RRQ Hoshi isn’t an exception. There are a lot of important people leaving, and Naomi is one of them. She is about to embark on a journey back to Myanmar. In other news, two older players for RRQ, Lemon and Xinnn, are taking a break from professional basketball, which is something they deserve.

A Global Touch

Irrad and Brusko come from the Philippines and are warmly welcomed by RRQ Hoshi. They add a bit of foreign taste. Brusko, who is from Evos Minana, becomes the roamer, and Irrad, who used to be a member of RSG PH, becomes the jungler. Thank you very much for coming. The new teacher is RRQ Vren and he is from the Philippines. Keep your hats on! Vren, who has won before, and AP Bren were able to claim the title of M5 World Championship winner.

Meet the Complete Squad

Here’s the full lineup for RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID Season 13, hot off the press from RRQ’s official page:

  • Irrad (Jungler)
  • Brusko (Roamer)
  • Skylar (Gold lane)
  • Clayyy (Mid lane)
  • Donn (EXP lane)
  • Banana (EXP lane)
  • Octa (Mid lane)
  • Bunnyqt (Gold lane)
  • Vren (Coach)
  • Zaya (Assistant Coach)

The Perfect Blend of Experience and Fresh Talent

While there are some new faces on the team, the tried-and-true veterans Skylar, Clayyy, and Banana are holding it down. And there’s more excitement with additions from RRQ Sena, featuring players like Donn and Octa, making their debut after SLOT GACOR TERBARU shining in MDL.

Words from the Legends

But that’s not all! Mobile Legends pros Antimage, Jonathan Liandi, Brandon Kentjana, DeanKT, R7, and the renowned game streamer Windah Basudara have also shared announcements on RRQ’s YouTube channel. The excitement is palpable as we eagerly await these legends to grace the battlefield.

Ready for the Showdown

And there you have it – RRQ Hoshi lineup for MPL ID Season 13. Brace yourselves for an epic showdown with this dynamic squad. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the Mobile Legends hype, these champs are geared up and ready to rock the MPL stage. Let the games begin, and may victory favor the bold!