Hulu’s Upcoming Series Living for the Dead Breathes New Life into Ghost Stories

Living for the Dead

In the forthcoming Hulu series “Living for the Dead,” executive produced by Kristen Stewart and the creators of “Queer Eye,” the world of ghost hunting gets an exciting twist. The show introduces five LGBTQ+ ghost hunters, each with their own unique abilities, as they travel the country to investigate paranormal phenomena.

Embracing the Paranormal

According to Hulu’s official synopsis, the series aims to “explore some of the world’s most infamous haunted locations” and “shed light on those not seen.”

Kristen Stewart’s Involvement

Rob Eric, one of the show’s producers, shared with CNN how Kristen Stewart approached them with the concept. Eric explained that they were contacted by their agents, stating that Kristen had an idea for a ghost-hunting show featuring an LGBTQ+ cast. Given their connection to “Queer Eye,” a show that offers a unique perspective, they found the idea intriguing.

Diverse Cast of Ghost Hunters

The creators met with Stewart to develop the format and subsequently embarked on casting the show. They chose five ghost hunters with their own paranormal specialties: Alex Le May, Juju Bae, Ken Boggle, Logan Taylor, and Roz Hernandez.

Terrifying Encounters

Ken Boggle, a medium and tarot card expert, recounted his most terrifying experience during the show, which happened at the Clown Motel in Nevada, a location featured in one of the episodes. Despite his fear of clowns, his friends blindfolded him and placed him in a room filled with clowns in the dark.

Juju Bae, a witch, described how she intentionally developed her intuitive abilities during adulthood. While filming, she even suffered scratches from a spirit in Arizona.

Logan Taylor, known as “the psychic of the group,” also experienced physical encounters with ghosts during filming. He recalled moments where his hair was pulled and even an incident where he was grabbed.


Roz Hernandez, cast due to the success of their paranormal comedy podcast, “Ghosted,” considers themselves a devoted fan of ghost shows. They emphasized their excitement at being part of one and having the opportunity to explore the supernatural.


Alex Le May, a “paranormal investigator,” particularly enjoyed analyzing supernatural incidents and sharing their findings. They described their scariest scene as an encounter with a malevolent spirit in a morgue.

For skeptics, Le May playfully suggests staying a night at the Clown Motel, specifically in room 111.

“Living for the Dead” is set to stream on Hulu starting October 18, promising a unique blend of ghost hunting and LGBTQ+ representation.