Maddy Barber’s Vision for Madly Gems: Next Destination Dubai


Madly Gems, a local bespoke jeweller, is known for its extravagant designs adorned with coveted gemstones such as emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines, and cobalt-blue spinels. Some of its masterpieces command six-figure prices. Yet, for Maddy Barber, the brand’s founder and a former radio DJ, the most significant creations are not defined by their monetary value, but by the emotional connections they evoke.

Emotional Connections and Inheritance Stories

Barber has witnessed countless reactions from clients as they unveil their bespoke pieces. One particular client, who used a sapphire from her late mother’s ring to reset in a new Madly creation, moved to tears upon seeing her custom piece. According to Barber, it’s moments like these that give meaning to Madly Gems’ creations. “Whether a design is simple, classic, or complex,” she says, “what we hear from our clients is, ‘This is me!’ That is what bespoke is to me.”

Madly Gems Defying Norms and Embracing Uniqueness

Launched in 2014, Madly Gems is a trailblazer in the industry, specialising in top-quality coloured gemstones and custom designs. Barber recalls how she defied the norms when she started the business, despite skeptics who doubted the appeal of coloured gemstones. She also determined to offer a truly bespoke service. It unlike the standard practices she had previously experienced in the local market. This commitment to uniqueness is evident in every aspect of the business, from the design process to sourcing gemstones.

Madly Gems Bracing for International Expansion

Currently in its ninth successful year, the brand has been profitable since its inception — a noteworthy feat for a capital-intensive industry like jewellery. Now, with the recent injection of funds from the Indonesia-focused venture capital firm East Ventures, Madly Gems is all set for overseas expansion.

First Stop, Dubai

In the coming months, Madly Gems will establish its first international footprint in Dubai. The choice of location driven by similar consumer behaviour in Singapore and Dubai and the city’s attractive business laws. Moreover, the city’s liberal hiring laws facilitate talent recruitment, making it an appealing destination for global businesses.

Growth and Team Development

Barber is optimistic about the brand’s potential in such a competitive landscape, viewing the presence of other jewellers not as competition, but as proof of a voracious market. Besides, she believes that Madly Gems’ expansion is not just about scaling the business; it’s also about fostering the growth of her team. She envisions a future where the team members can rotate between international locations, enriching their talent, experience, and caliber.

Enhancing Value for Customers

As Madly Gems embarks on this exciting journey of expansion, the primary objective remains the same: to enhance the value of its pieces for its customers. An internationally recognized brand name can increase the resale value of the pieces, benefiting the customers in the long run. With an imminent launch in Dubai and future plans for London and Munich, Barber is making her vision a reality, one gem at a time.